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5 Easy Steps to Better Book Editing

A tried-and-true book editing process which pairs you with an experienced, professional editor who is invested in your book and its success.


Get matched with a book editor who is right for you


Get a risk-free trial edit to confirm your great match


Determine which edit your manuscript needs


Transform your manuscript into the best possible version of itself

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When you receive an editor's profile, it means we have selected that editor based on a tested methodology developed over years of helping authors find their ideal match.

In an editor’s profile, you'll see their extraordinary track record at a major publishing house and the award-winning books they've worked on—but there's also a lot you won't see. You won't see that they communicate with the clarity and specificity that emerging authors need, or that they selected your work because it resonates with them personally.

Those qualities are the foundation of the process we use to select the editors on our team, and the heart of the promise we make to authors who trust us with their work.

Learn more about our Matching Methodology below.


Once you're impressed by your editor's profile, you can choose to receive a risk-free Trial Edit.

Writers have found that the Trial Edit gives them a clearer understanding of the editor’s professional voice, approach, and editing style before making a bigger commitment. It’s an opportunity to “try before you buy” to ensure you both are the best match.

You'll receive edits and notes on a sample of your work and then discuss your editor's feedback over the phone.

A Trial Edit includes:

  • A 2,500 word read-through
  • A 1,500 word line edit with margin comments
  • A brief memo with the editor’s thoughts
  • A 20 minute phone call

Fee: $165

The fee is fully refundable if you don't believe the Trial Edit was beneficial to you.


At this stage, you know you’ve found the right editor, the person with whom you want to build a long-lasting editorial relationship.

Now we do a complimentary Manuscript Evaluation.

Your editor will review your manuscript and recommend the type of edit that would benefit you most at this stage of your development. This is an important step. The recommended edit will either be a Manuscript Critique or a Comprehensive Edit.

You’ll receive a detailed proposal that explains what the edit includes and offers different follow-up options. If you are unsure of which option to choose, we will guide you through the process of making the best decision for you.


When the edit is underway, your manuscript will be in your editor's responsible hands for approximately 3-12 weeks.

Once the deadline arrives and you receive your edited package, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Seeing the strengths and weaknesses in your work from the perspective of a professional editor is a valuable learning experience—one of our authors said, "It's like getting an MFA on steroids."

Take some time to absorb your editor's feedback and when you're ready, you may decide to schedule a follow-up call. This is the time to delve deeper into your editor's comments and changes to your work, and to get guidance and advice on how to approach any challenges you may be having with the manuscript.

You will realize that the power of the edit goes beyond a single book—it helps you hone your craft as a writer in a way that will influence your work for the better as you move forward.

The Matching Methodology

The rewards of working with the right person are legion. This is why we put so much emphasis on finding the ideal editor for you and your work.