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Your Edit Has an Even Bigger Impact

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Everyone who is associated with NY Book Editors, from our editors to our authors, knows the remarkable power of books. Most of us fell in love with reading at a young age and found that it became constant in our lives — a comfort, an education, an expansion of the self.

Not everyone is that lucky.

There are children in our own backyards who don't have access to books that we take for granted.

Book Trust is working to change that.

Book Trust is a nonprofit organization that gives children in low-income communities to the opportunity to select 1-3 books every month of the school year. With these books, which are theirs to keep, children can begin to build a home library they'll treasure.

Book Trust's endeavors lead to extraordinary results. Over a school year, the percentage of Book Trust students reading at a grade level jumps from 31 percent to 59 percent.

Support Book Trust by giving a child in need a chance to own books of their choice

Your Contribution

Your edit with NY Book Editors provides a child with 3-4 books through our sponsored classroom in New York City.

Every month in a school semester, the children select a book from a catalog, and the following month, on #bookboxday, they receive their books! It's a special day on which they have time to read.

Once a year, our editors and authors are invited to #bookboxday to sit down and read the new books with the children. As an NYBE author, if you’re in New York or planning a trip, we welcome you to join us.

We’re so happy that NY Book Editors partners with Book Trust to ensure that as you work on making an impact through your own writing, you’re also giving the precious gift of books to children in need.

To increase your donation, please visit BookTrust's donation page.

If you can remember the impact a special book had on you in your childhood, please share it in the comments.

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