How To Write Believable Characters in Any Genre

In his essay “Wood Knot Dew,” Piers Anthony defines science fiction as “the literature of the possible” and fantasy as the “literature of the impossible.” His idea that SciFi is based on making an untrue fact true and fantasy is the understanding that all the facts are contrary to what is, really comes down toContinue reading “How To Write Believable Characters in Any Genre”

How to Make a Hero Worthy of Your Genre

As writers, one of the most important things we do is create characters. Specifically, heroic characters. Our character needs to do more than look the part, they have to act like one too. Their actions must back up their character in a way that makes them worthy of our interest and their role in the story.

House of Furies ★★★★★

Madeleine Roux uses language like Austen and plots like Brontë. House of Furies is simply amazing and if you think it isn’t up your alley-you’re wrong. Do not smile. Do not frown. Do not, under any circumstances, put this book down. After escaping a harsh school where punishment was the lesson of the day, seventeen-year-old Louisa Ditton is thrilledContinue reading “House of Furies ★★★★★”

The Writer’s Journey

You finished your book, so how long until it’s out on shelves? Says some ignorant family member at dinner. Let’s discuss that, shall we? (Not necessarily the rude family member who thinks all the hard work is done once you type THE END) The first step on the Writer’s Journey is the idea. It mightContinue reading “The Writer’s Journey”