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I play games during every interview here at All By My Shelf. And I’ve recently devised a points system. Check below to see where your favorite author ranks.

An Interview with Lisa Frenkel Riddiough All By My Shelf

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  1. An Interview with Lisa Frenkel Riddiough
  2. An Interview with Hayley Krischer
  3. An Interview with Soman Chainani
  4. An Interview with Jessica Vitalis
  5. An Interview with Michelle Mason

This player shows the most recent public episodes of the All By My Shelf Podcast.

Never Have I Ever Spoiled My Own Book

Guests are given a series of tropes based on their upcoming or recently published work as well as stereotypical writerly things to do (EXAMPLE: Never have I ever written at a coffee shop, Never have I ever written a smoking gun, etc). If they have done more than half of the scenarios, they have to spoil something from their book.

*Marked scores indicate interviews with spoilers.

Michelle Mason (interview)Your Life Has Been Delayed8/30/215/10*
Hayley Krischer (interview)The Falling Girls10/15/216/10*
Soman Chainani (interview)Beasts & Beauty: Dangerous Tales9/18/216/10*
Jessica Vitalis (interview)The Wolf’s Curse9/10/216/10*
Brandie June (interview)Gold Spun6/26/218/10*

Name That Book

Guests are given the tagline or a brief description of a book on the NYT Bestsellers list. They get a bonus point if they can also name the author.

Jessica Speer (interview)BFF or NRF8/16/20211

The Book Stops Here

Guests are given a book title and they have to guess how many pages have been published without going over. They must be within 50 pages of the total to get points. If they go over they lose points, if they are way under they are safe.

Michelle Mason (interiew)Your Life Has Been Delayed8/30/213/10

Guests are given three books and must choose one to burn, one they would rewrite, and one to reread. Below is a list of the books that have been burned.

It is important to note that every book that has been burned is truly loved. Not a single book on this list has been burned because it’s bad. (A sure sign that you should check out all of the burned books because they were all too amazing to be fixed or relived)

AuthorBookDateBooks Burned
Lisa Frenkel Riddiough (interview)Elvis and the World As It Stands10/23/2021The Struggle Bus by Julie Koon, 365 Days to Alaska by Cathy Carr, Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro, Glitter Gets Everywhere by Yvette Clark, Normal People by Sally Rooney
Brandie June (interview) Gold Spun 6/26/2021 A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair, Two Kingdoms by Kristy Cunning, Hazel and Gray by Nic Stone

MAD Blurbs

My guests are given a brief blurb about their favorite books, but I have taken out key information and replaced it with [noun], [adjective], [character], and [verb].


Lisa RIddiough (interview)Elvis and The World as it Stands10/22/20216
Soman Chainani (interview)Beasts & Beauty: Dangerous Tales9/18/20213
Jessica Speer (interview)BFF or NRF8/16/20213

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J.M.Tuckerman is a neurodivergent writer with a big education. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, an MA in Writing, and a BA in Writing Arts (specializing in Creative Writing, New Media Writing, and Publication; concentrating in New Media Production), which she somehow managed to earn despite her three very loud and large dogs. Jessica was lucky enough to intern at Quirk Books and Picador, USA while earning her master’s degrees. Her service dog, Ringo, is very proud of all that she has accomplished and hopes to be on a back cover of a published book with her very soon. An avid reader, writer, and lover of young adult and middle-grade literature, Jessica’s bookshelf is overflowing with hardbacks, paperbacks, and a million half-filled notebooks. She is a proud fur-mommy to two lab/st-bernard littermates, a retriever-mix service dog, and one orange little hobgoblin cat, all of whom have made very audible appearances on the Booked All Night podcast.

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