Hello fellow writers!

Use the form to let me know all about you and your book.

I’m happy to schedule interviews with publication dates within a year of publication. So if your book came out last year, great, and if you just got your pub date and it’s a year away, also great.

For upcoming publications I do prefer to have an interview go up closer to publication date.

Here are the bullet points:

  • I only interview writers of middle grade and young adult books
  • I only work with indie and traditionally published authors (I have had bad experiences, sorry to any newly self published authors)
  • My interviews run from 40 minutes to an hour long, but I block out 2 hours in case of unforeseen issues
  • I ask that you promote your interview at least a week before it is recorded as I ask fans and Buy Me a Coffee supporters/members to add their own questions to the interview
  • I also ask that you promote your episode for at least a week afterward to help it get listens
  • I make custom social images for you to share

Looking forward to having you on the show!


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